Creating balance and peace of mind

Here at the Jim Gillen Teen Center we strive to provide new and exciting experiences and opportunities for our youth. In order to achieve the diverse program that will appeal to a myriad of young people, we have taken a holistic approach to recovery.


Yoga for 12 step recovery strives to “connect the dots” between the ancient practice of yoga, the practical tools of the 12 steps, and the latest practices in trauma healing. Y12SR believes that the “issues live in our tissues” and by integrating wellness of mind, body and spirit one can achieve sustained recovery. We provide very basic beginner’s yoga classes and meditation, incorporating recovery principles and discussion. It gets our members moving, talking, and healing together.


As a PeaceLove CREATOR, I am able to bring an expressive arts curriculum to the Teen Center. The workshops are intended to focus on process rather than product and are all about creating peace of mind and love for yourself. We use visual arts, sound, movement, and storytelling to give participants a way to talk about mental health and wellness. It helps create a safe space for people to talk about their feelings and their experiences. For me as a CREATOR and recovery coach, these workshops provide a jumping-off point for future discussions and also give the members something tangible to take home and talk about.


We are hoping to continue to expand our already dynamic programming in the coming months. This will include fit camps, aerobics classes, and even basketball once the weather improves. Of course they love to play Xbox and watch Netflix, but we wish to give them opportunities to build recovery capital by expanding their interests and teaching them valuable skills.


If you have a fun activity or new skill you would like to bring us at the Teen Center, please give us a call! 401-632-4077


With peace and love, Namaste,