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Center for Child and Adolescent Services

Support For Your Whole Family

Our goal is to help you achieve wellness, not only for yourself but also for your family. If your child needs support to be successful in school or at home due to behavioral or emotional issues, The Providence Center’s Center for Child and Adolescent Services can help. From counseling to more intensive programs, our caring staff will work with you to understand your child’s needs and guide your family to being happy and healthy.

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To request an appointment, please call our Intake Department at (401) 276-4020

Our Center for Child and Adolescent Services

Counseling for Children and Families

When you need help finding solutions for issues that are affecting your family and your child, The Providence Center’s counseling services offer support. Together, we’ll develop a plan for success that works for your family.

Early Childhood Institute

For children who have behavioral, social or emotional difficulties or delays, entering kindergarten “ready to learn” or being successful in a day care or Head Start program can be difficult. 

Healthy Transitions

The goal of this program is to improve the life trajectory of Youth and Young Adults through early identification and access to developmentally appropriate evidence based practices. 

Intensive Services

The team develops individualized treatment plans with families to guide them in making positive, healthy changes for the whole family. 

School Counseling And Support Program

The Providence Center’s School Counseling and Support Program is a partnership between Providence Public Schools that embeds TPC clinicians in elementary and middle schools in Providence.

Adolescent And Teen Programs

Academic pressures, new relationships and influences from friends or family can result in emotions and behaviors that are difficult to manage. 

Children’s Emergency Services

When a child is experiencing a crisis, it is critical to respond to the situation immediately, whether at home, in school or in a hospital. 

Outpatient Counseling And Psychiatry

Our therapists will help you understand your feelings and guide you toward feeling better.

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