Education and Employment Classes

Education and Employment Classes

Being successful in a job or working toward a degree result in feelings of accomplishment, independence and self-worth. But for a person with mental health or substance abuse problems, creating a resume, preparing for an interview, filling out an application or knowing where to turn for financial aid can be overwhelming tasks. The Providence Center’s employment and education services provide people with the educational and vocational support they need to obtain employment and adjust to the demands of the working world.

Clients participate in workshops and activities that include:
  • Job skills classes
  • Resume writing and interview workshops
  • Guidance in enrolling in GED classes and other education programs offered outside of The Providence Center
  • Groups that support the goals and interests of clients, such as reading, job search or healthy nutrition and exercise habits
Helping Clients Live Well

Our commitment to clients doesn’t end at treatment. The Providence Center is dedicated to helping people recover from mental health and substance use issues, and this includes achieving overall wellness and living a full and productive life. Helping clients live well is our goal.

Among The Providence Center’s staff is a trained group of employment and education specialists and health mentors who guide clients developing the important skills that will result in independence—from gaining the confidence to venture out into the community to exercise at the local gym to gaining job experience. Wellness, employment and education services include group activities, workshops and one-on-one meetings held both on- and off-site.

Wellness, employment and education services are only available to current Providence Center clients.

TPC Social Ventures

Gaining employment experience is critical to long-term recovery from mental health and substance use problems. TPC Social Ventures, a subsidiary of The Providence Center, provide clients with on-the-job training opportunities in a supported employment environment at ProMail, Etc. Supported employment increases job training, life skills and employment opportunities for individuals with mental health disabilities.

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