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Education and Employment Classes

Employment & Community Services

The Providence Center’s Employment & Community Services program serves clients of The Providence Center. All clients who are interested in employment services can be referred by their treatment team. The employment specialist (ES) will work with the client and meet them where they are to provide needed intervention and support to achieve their employment goals.

To get a referral and remain in the program, clients must actively work with their treatment team. This teamwork is crucial for meeting the client’s needs and addressing any issues that could hinder finding and keeping a job.

The Supported Employment Services program is an important part of the treatment and recovery process. It promotes independence, and self-sufficiency, and enhances the quality of life through informed decision-making and self-determination of personalized goals. These services help clients secure competitive jobs in inclusive work environments, leading to a higher likelihood of keeping a job.

The Employment Services Program, which includes employment planning services, community employment, job development, and employment retention supports, is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.


The Mission of the Employment & Community Services program is to support the client’s right to identify, secure, and maintain a job of their choice through exploration, education, and training.

Clients meet with employment specialists at the program or various locations in the community such as employment sites, community-based sites, and at their homes. 
Hours of Services
The program operates Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Frequency of Services
Based on the client’s preference. 
Service Delivery
Usually in person but can be via tele-health when needed and appropriate.
Insurances Accepted
Clients must be enrolled in IHH/ACT services to participate in Employment & Community Services or relate to outpatient services with Medicaid insurance.  Insurances accepted are Medicaid/Tufts Medicaid/Optum United Health Plan and Neighborhood Health Plan (NHP) Rite Care and Rhody/Aetna. Clients must have a qualifying diagnosis and previous episodes of a higher level of care.
The center does not charge a fee for these services. 

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Services Offered

Employment Services
The supported employment model followed is Individual, Placement, Support (IPS), an evidence-based practice. Several services are offered to client including:
  • Development of a specific job goal through discussion of interests, skills, and education; identifying areas of need for job match criteria; and career/job exploration.
  • Information and education on how work impacts SSI/SSDI and other benefits.
  • Assistance with identifying job openings that meet determined criteria/goals and the application process (electronic/paper application, in-person).
  • Resume development.
  • Obtaining a Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) check to determine the potential impact on securing employment and assistance with the expungement process if applicable.
  • Direct advocacy with employers per the client’s agreement to this level of services.
  • Post-employment support as needed and chosen by the client, off-site and/or on-site, to maintain employment: problem-solving, conflict resolution, contact with the supervisor, and workplace support.
Educational Services
Individualized services to help with applying for schooling, and GED classes. These services are provided directly by TPC staff.

The program provides health and wellness services through those trained in mental health. Clients can also participate in exercise classes, water aerobics at the YMCA, walking groups, and nutritional classes. These services are provided directly by TPC staff. The effectiveness of In SHAPE has been measured through several studies and pilot programs through Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center enabling replication as an evidence-based practice.

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Changing Lives One Piece of Mail at a Time

Helping Clients Live Well

Our commitment to clients doesn’t end at treatment. The Providence Center is dedicated to helping people recover from mental health and substance use issues, and this includes achieving overall wellness and living a full and productive life. Helping clients live well is our goal.

Among The Providence Center’s staff is a trained group of employment and education specialists and health mentors who guide clients developing the important skills that will result in independence—from gaining the confidence to venture out into the community to exercise at the local gym to gaining job experience. Wellness, employment and education services include group activities, workshops and one-on-one meetings held both on- and off-site.

Wellness, employment and education services are only available to current Providence Center clients.

TPC Social Ventures

Gaining employment experience is critical to long-term recovery from mental health and substance use problems. TPC Social Ventures, a subsidiary of The Providence Center, provide clients with on-the-job training opportunities in a supported employment environment at ProMail, Etc. Supported employment increases job training, life skills and employment opportunities for individuals with mental health disabilities.

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