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Addiction and Recovery Services

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

You will work together with our experienced staff to establish goals for living healthy and identify what you need to achieve them. 

Residential Substance Use Treatment

The Providence Center’s residential substance use treatment programs help men and women build the foundation for long-term recovery.

Anchor Recovery Services

Anchor Recovery

Anchor Recovery Community Centers offer a supportive environment for individuals in all stages of recovery. 

Anchor Recovery Centers

Anchor Recovery Community Center is a safe, positive, substance-free place for people in recovery and their families. 

Jim Gillen Teen Center

The Jim Gillen Teen Center is an environment that celebrates, and helps facilitate recovery through dynamic programming, shared lived experience, and peer support. 

Anchor More

Anchor MORE (Mobile Outreach Recovery Efforts) is Anchor’s statewide outreach initiative, in which peer recovery specialists go out into the community and connect with individuals who are living with substance use disorder. 


AnchorED connects individuals who have presented at emergency rooms with a substance use issue to recovery services delivered by Anchor peer recovery coaches. 

Behavioral Health - Adult Care

Outpatient Counseling And Psychiatry

It can be difficult to seek help for a mental health issue, but our professional, compassionate staff will make you feel at ease. 

Integrated Community Treatment Teams (Formally Health Home Teams)

The Providence Center is dedicated to helping each client achieve optimal physical and mental health. 

Home Base

Home Base aims to support chronically homeless individuals who have a co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorder.

Residential Care

The Providence Center offers several options for residential services for clients who qualify for supported housing.

Center for Child and Adolescent Services

Counseling For Children And Families

Families come in all different combinations, shapes and sizes with unique needs and challenges. 

Early Childhood Institute

The Early Childhood Institute offers a wide range of therapeutic services that help children from birth to school age reach their social, emotional and behavioral potentials. 

Healthy Transitions

Healthy Transitions will provide developmentally appropriate services to youth and young adults between the ages of 16-25. 

Intensive Services

Intensive services help children birth to 18 years of age experiencing severe emotional and/or behavioral problems.

School Counseling And Support Program

The program offers individual counseling, family counseling, parent training, support groups and assessments.

Adolescent And Teen Programs

Academic pressures, new relationships and influences from friends or family can result in emotions and behaviors that are difficult to manage. 

Children’s Emergency Services

The Providence Center offers specialized emergency services for children and teens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Crisis Services

Community Diversion

The Providence Center is committed to the health and safety of Rhode Island communities, and a unique partnership with police departments across the state makes that happen.

Children’s Emergency Services

When a child is experiencing a crisis, it is critical to respond to the situation immediately, whether at home, in school or in a hospital. 

Crisis Stabilization Unit

The Crisis Stabilization Unit provides short-term care for patients experiencing an acute psychiatric and/or substance use crisis that could escalate to a point of requiring hospitalization. 

Emergency Department

The Emergency Services Department works to ensure the safety of clients and the community by providing expedited access to behavioral health crisis services.


Imagine Preschool

The Providence Center believes in the value of early childhood education. Imagine Preschool was established to extend the benefits of quality education to all families.

Supportive Services

Criminal Justice

The Providence Center provides behavioral health programming on location at the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institute (ACI).

DCYF Resources

The Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), and The Providence Center helps families establish connections to community-based programs.

Education and Employment Classes

The Providence Center’s employment and education services provide people with the educational and vocational support they need to obtain employment and adjust to the demands of the working world.

Genoa Pharmacy

As the largest mental health pharmacy in the country, Genoa specializes in serving mental health consumers. 


The program pairs clients with health mentors who are certified, personal trainers and experienced case managers. 

TPC Social Ventures

Gaining employment experience is critical to successful long-term recovery from mental health and substance use problems. 

Integrated Primary And Behavioral Care

Every day we see clients overcome addiction and recover from the challenges of mental illness. 

PCHC At North Main

Providence Community Health Centers (PCHC) at North Main is a collaboration with The Providence Center that creates a patient-centered medical home for clients.

TPC At Prairie Avenue

TPC Prairie Avenue is co-located at Providence Community Health Centers’ (PCHC) in south Providence. 

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