Circle of Stars Raises $279,000 for The Providence Center

Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2017

MalcolmDebCOSOn October 10th, The Providence Center held its annual “Circle of Stars” fundraiser at the Rhode Island Convention Center, where over 250 supporters gathered to celebrate the organization. The $279,000 raised at the event will help to support The Providence Center’s 60+ programs that help Rhode Islanders overcome mental illness and addiction issues. It will also help in establishing the first youth recovery center in Rhode Island, the Jim Gillen Anchor Youth Recovery Community Center.

This year, The Providence Center recognized Malcolm G. Chace, Jr. as honoree for his longtime support, generosity, and passion in helping young people through their journey towards recovery. With over 25 years of wealth management experience, Malcolm served on The Providence Center’s finance committee as well as on other committees and boards in the community. He has contributed to numerous non-profit organizations not only in Rhode Island, but across the country.  Recently, Malcolm took on a leadership role to help raise funds to establish the Center’s new youth recovery center. 

Deb O’Brien, President and COO of The Providence Center, addressed the audience, praising the organization’s staff. “They are always pressing to find a better way to do things – better ways to serve clients – ways to save more lives – developing ideas for innovative, new programs,” said O’Brien.

Also speaking at the event was Abbie Stenberg, a peer recovery specialist at Anchor Community Recovery Center who uses her experiences with addiction and recovery to help others find the same success.  Stenberg shared challenges throughout her early teens, always feeling different than everyone else and that she was not good enough.  She went on to explain her eventual struggles with addiction that followed her into early adulthood, and how her desperation to get better brought her to Anchor Community Recovery Center in Warwick where bit by bit she was able to begin to turn her life around. 

“Recovery has transformed my life into something I could never have even dreamed of when I was using.  I have my family in my life again.  I am an active member in my community.  I have learned how to live without drugs and how to give my life purpose,” said Stenberg.

Currently pursuing a degree in social work at the Community College of Rhode Island, Stenberg continues to work full-time at The Providence Center’s Anchor Recovery Community Centers.  She also works directly with the students at The Anchor Learning Academy – the Center’s recovery high school.

“I’m dedicated to paying it forward to young people and serving as a steady, nurturing and proud voice for all youth in need,” said Stenberg.  “I will stand by them no matter what.  I will be their advocate.  I will be their role model.  I will hear them when they feel the world has shut them out.  I will be a face and voice of recovery.”

Photo caption: Honoree Malcolm G. Chace, Jr. with Deb O’Brien, president of The Providence Center