The Providence Center School’s Science Fair, a Success!

Posted: Thursday, June 08, 2017

sciencewebsiteStudents from The Providence Center School (TPCS) recently took part in a science fair showcasing unique projects and talents.  The students worked individually on projects and were able to choose experiments from a range of subjects including biology, chemistry, and geology, among others.


With such a broad variety of projects, it was nearly impossible for teachers and other employees at the school to choose a favorite.

“Success is measured a bit differently here because we are taking into consideration the individual challenges and needs of each student,” said Stacy Perin, clinical director of the school. “I was so impressed with the wonderful participation and enthusiasm of our students. For example, one of our elementary students, who in the past refused to do any school work, completed his project following the scientific method, and did a great job.”

Grades 4-12 participated in the fair presenting experiments such as mold growth on bread over time, the various rates that ice can melt, and memory according to age.

“One notable project was a human impact study done by one of our high school students,” said Perin. “It involved the student making some significant lifestyle changes for the duration of a month.  The student engaged in less electronic use, more physical activity, and more consumption of locally grown, healthy foods.  The takeaway was that small adjustments like these improved overall health and daily function.” 

The science fair was open to TPC staff and family members of students.  While TPCS is a therapeutic school for children who are experiencing acute behavioral and emotional challenges, its team of dedicated staff understands the need to include typical school traditions like this.

“Seeing the excitement of the students as they shared their projects and seeing the pride of parents and siblings as they saw the results of their hard work exemplified why we are here doing the work that we do as a school team every day,” said Perin. 

“For our first science fair, it was a huge success!” added Perin.  “I look forward to seeing the projects students present in years to come as we plan to make this an annual event.”

To view more photos from the science fair, click here.